Animals of the Deserts
SERVAL ~ Small Cheetah
Habitat: deserts Size: 91-120cm long; 46-62cm high; 8.7-18kg Adaptation: can climb trees to go after birds; dig into burrows in search of underground prey Diet: birds, lizards & small animals Predator(s): hyena, leopard & hunting dog
COYOTE ~ Eerie Howl
Habitat: deserts Size: 0.7-1m body; 30-40cm tail; 0.6m high; 11-14kg Adaptation: has a varied diet Diet: berries, fruit, birds, rabbits, rodents (such as gophers, mice, prairie dogs, rats & squirrels) & carrion Predator(s): man hunting them for sport and their pelts
KIT(TEN) FOX ~ aka Swift Fox
Habitat: deserts Size: 38-51cm body; tail ≈ 28cm; 1.8-2.7kg Adaptation: has large ears to lose heat to keep itself cool Diet: insects, rabbits, hares, kangaroo rats, mice & lizards Predator(s): coyote, birds of prey & bobcat

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  ~ The Tank

Habitat: deserts Size: ≈ 36cm long Adaptation: has horny jaws that enable it to bite through spines & tough flesh of desert plants Diet: grasses, herbs, wildflowers & new growth of cacti, their fruit & flowers Predator(s): gila monster, kit fox, roadrunner & coyote
  ~ Hairy Spider

Habitat: deserts & rainforests Size: 7-12cm; up to 28cm legspan; 28-85gm Adaptation: sensitive to ground vibrations that may indicate the presence of prey or danger Diet: insects, other spiders, toads & small rodents Predator(s): lizard, snake, bird, fox & coyote
  ~ The Stinger

Habitat: deserts Size: 6-20cm long Adaptation: often ambush its prey, lying in wait as it senses their approach Diet: insects, spiders, centipedes & other scorpions Predator(s): centipede, tarantula, lizard, owl, shrew, mice & bat