More Animals of the Deserts
JACKRABBIT ~ Zigzag Runner
Habitat: deserts & grasslands Size: 1.4-4kg; up to 69cm long Adaptation: sensitive ears can pick up sounds of approaching enemies; can run up to 56km per hour to escape Diet: succulent plants with thick, juicy leaves or stems Predator(s): coyote, eagle, bobcat & badger
PUPFISH ~ The Hardy Fish
Habitat: deserts Size: 3.8-6.4cm long Adaptation: can live in (small amount of) hot water up to 42°C Diet: brown & green algae Predator(s): birds & frogs
Habitat: deserts Size: up to 7.5cm long Adaptation: tadpoles take just two weeks to grow up (more quickly than the young of other toads) because the rainwater pools dry up quickly in the deserts Diet: insects, spiders & small mice Predator(s): birds & snakes

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BEE ~ Quick Breeder
Habitat: deserts Size: 1-4cm long Adaptation: feed & breed quickly so that before the desert dries up again the next generation is safely tucked up as pupae waiting for the next rains to arrive Diet: nectar of flowers Predator(s): dragonfly & birds
  ~ Quick Crawler

Habitat: deserts Size: 3.8-15cm long Adaptation: chews their victims into pulp with a sawing motion then exudes an enzyme that liquefies the flesh, which it sucks into its stomach Diet: insects, spiders, rodents, lizards & small birds Predator(s): owl, fox, jackal & reptiles
Habitat: deserts Size: 1-30mm Adaptation: capable of defensive bites, injecting venom into its enemies Diet: insects Predator(s): coyote, owl & wasp