Birds of the Deserts
Habitat: deserts Size: ≈ 20cm long Adaptation: builds its nest among cactus spines; its scaly legs protect it from the spines Diet: ants, beetles, wasps, other insects, lizards & sometimes fruit & seeds Predator(s): snake
  ~ The Driller

Habitat: deserts Size: 20-25cm long; ≈ 68gm Adaptation: uses its beak to chisel into cactus stems to find insects Diet: insects, cactus fruit & berries Predator(s): bobcat, coyote, hawk, snake & fox
  ~ The Racing Bird

Habitat: deserts Size: 30cm body; 30cm tail Adaptation: can run at 24-40km per hour Diet: insects, mice, birds, lizards & rattlesnakes Predator(s): birds of prey & man

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ELF OWL ~ Smallest Owl
Habitat: deserts Size: 13cm tall Adaptation: nests in holes that the woodpeckers abandon Diet: insects, spiders & small lizards Predator(s): snake, coyote, bobcat, raccoon & other birds of prey
  ~ Unconventional Owl

Habitat: deserts Size: 1925 cm long; 150gm Adaptation: hunts by day; nests in prairie dog burrows; can make a noise like a rattlesnake to frighten away predators Diet: insects, mice, squirrels, toads & small birds Predator(s): coyote, raccoon, snake & other birds of prey
SANDGROUSE ~ Water Carrier
Habitat: deserts Size: 23-41cm long; 235-300gm Adaptation: flies to drink at water-hole every 2-3 days; the male sandgrouse soaks its soft breast feathers with water & carries it back to its young Diet: seeds of desert plants Predator(s): fox, snake & mongoose