Insects of the Deserts
  ~ Disappearing Act

Habitat: deserts Size: 2.5cm long Adaptation: can dig a hole in the sand using its stout, spiny legs & disappear into it within a few seconds; drink moisture that condenses on plants early in the morning Diet: aphids Predator(s):
WEEVIL ~ Long Snout Beetle
Habitat: deserts Size: less than 6mm Adaptation: lay its eggs in the stalk, seed or fruit of plants & the young grubs eat their way out Diet: Predator(s):
Habitat: deserts Size: 2-35mm Adaptation: stands with some of its feet lifted off the hot ground; can emit a foul-smelling black fluid, driving away its adversaries Diet: dry, decomposing plant or animal tissue Predator(s): birds, reptiles & amphibians

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ANTLION aka Doodlebug
  ~ Spiky Jaws

Habitat: deserts Size: ≈ 1cm long Adaptation: digs funnel-shaped pits near cacti to trap ants & insects Diet: ants & insects Predator(s): Extra: Adult ant lions look like dragonflies
BUTTERFLY ~ Quick Breeder
Habitat: deserts Size: 0.8-4cm from tip to tip of its spread wings Adaptation: breed quickly Diet: nectar of flowers & other plant liquids Predator(s): birds; flies & wasps lay their eggs on or in the bodies of the butterfly caterpillars
  ~ Paralyzing Sting

Habitat: deserts Size: Adaptation: has a sting to paralyse other insects Diet: larva feeds on flesh of paralysed insects; adult feeds on nectar Predator(s):