Rodents of the Deserts
  ~ Seed Lover

Habitat: deserts Size: 18-69cm long including tail Adaptation: enters into a deep sleep during hottest times Diet: grasses, seeds & insects Predator(s): badger, coyote, eagle & hawk
  ~ Desert Hopper

Habitat: deserts Size: 10-20cm body; 20cm tail; Adaptation: its tufted tail acts as a balance when hopping; has fur-lined pouches on the outside of its cheeks for carrying food back to its nest Diet: seeds, fruit, vegetation & insects Predator(s): kit fox, owl & snake
  ~ Desert Mickey Mouse

Habitat: deserts Size: 4-26cm body Adaptation: long back legs can help it jump up to 2.7m when in danger; does not need to drink water at all as it obtains sufficient amounts in its food Diet: insects, plants & cactus Predator(s): fox, owl & snake

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WOODRAT ~ The Trader
Habitat: deserts Size: up to 45cm long Adaptation: will pick up small articles that catch its fancy (e.g., a shining coin) & leave in its place whatever it is carrying Diet: spiny cactus, yucca pods, bark, berries, nuts, seeds & succulent plants Predator(s): bobcat, black bear, coyote, weasel, owl & hawk