Herbivores of the Grasslands
ELEPHANT ~ Ear-splitting
  Trumpet Blast

Habitat: grasslands Size: 2.5-4m high; 2,300-6,300 kg Adaptation: eat great quantities even fibrous, poor quality vegetation to compensate for their low absorption of nutrients Diet: grass, leaves, seed pods, twigs & fruit Predator(s): man
RHINOCEROS ~ Armored Skin
Habitat: grasslands Size: 1.4-1.8m high; 3-4.3m long; 800-1,400kg Adaptation: pointy lip to grasp twigs of woody plants Diet: leafy plants, buds, shoots, reeds, branches, thorny wood bushes & fruit Predator(s): man hunting them for their horns
  ~ Humongous Mouth

Habitat: rivers & lakes in grasslands Size: ≈ 1.5m high; 3-5m long; 2,200-3,600kg Adaptation: secretes a red-colored sunscreen aka "blood sweat" Diet: water plants, soft grass & fallen fruit Predator(s): man; hippo calves may be killed by lions, hyenas & crocodiles

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  ~ Sledgehammer Head

Habitat: grasslands Size: 4-6m high 800-1,200kg Adaptation: can close its nostrils to keep out sand & dust Diet: thorny acacia leaves, twigs, fruit of trees & bushes Predator(s): man; young may be killed by lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas & crocodiles
ANTELOPE ~ Explosive Leap
Habitat: grasslands Size: 60-90cm high; ≈ 15-50kg Adaptation: acute senses of smell & hearing allow them to detect any lurking danger then leap to safety Diet: low vegetation & grass Predator(s): cheetah, hyena & man
ZEBRA ~ Confusing Stripes
Habitat: grasslands Size: 1.2-1.6m high; 200-450kg Adaptation: keen sense of hearing; their stripes make it difficult for a predator to pick out one zebra from another Diet: short grass Predator(s): lion, cheetah & hyena