Omnivores of the Grasslands
  ~ Territorial Domination

Habitat: grasslands & deserts Size: ≈ 36cm high; 61-76cm long; 7-14kg Adaptation: often hunt in packs to catch larger prey Diet: antelope, small animals, carrion, fruit & berries Predator(s): leopard, wolf & man
WARTHOG ~ Quick-to-Charge
Habitat: grasslands Size: ≈ 76cm high & 50-150kg Adaptation: use the burrows of other animals for shelter Diet: plants, fruit, roots, earthworms, birds' eggs, & even small mammals Predator(s): man, lion, leopard & hyena
BABOON ~ Nasty Bite
Habitat: grasslands Size: 60-102cm body; 41-58cm tail; 15-37kg Adaptation: uses at least ten different & unique sounds to communicate with other members of the troop Diet: leaves, bark, nuts, berries, insects & small animals Predator(s): man, leopard & cheetah

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OSTRICH ~ Courtship Dancer
Habitat: grasslands Size: 2.1-2.7m high; 90-160kg Adaptation: will lie low & press their long necks to the ground in an attempt to become less visible Diet: fruit, seeds, leaves, insects, lizards & small animals Predator(s): man; young chicks may be killed by jackals