Bears, Ape & Monkey of the Mountains
Habitat: mountains Size: 1.2-1.8m long; 80-140kg Adaptation: its sixth front toe is an enlarged wrist bone that functions as a thumb in grasping food Diet: bamboo, mushroom, grass, fish, insects & rodents Predator(s): panda cubs may be killed by snow leopards & eagles
Habitat: mountains Size: 1.2-2m long; 90-270kg Adaptation: hibernate during winter Diet: grass, fruit, roots, insects & carrion Predator(s): cubs may be killed by wolves and pumas; man hunting them for sport and their flesh & bones (for traditional medicine)
  ~ The Humming Bear

Habitat: mountains Size: 1.5-1.8m long; 91-154kg Adaptation: can climb tall trees to escape Diet: fruit, leaves, roots & rodents Predator(s): man hunting them & destroying their habitat Extra: it face, neck & chest markings are unique to each bear

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  ~ Gentle Giant

Habitat: mountains Size: 1.2-1.8m high; no tail; 70-230kg Adaptation: moves in a stooped position, using its knuckles to bear part of its weight Diet: leaves, bamboo shoot, flowers, fruit, fungus, stems, roots & insects Predator(s): man destroying their habitat
SNOW MONKEY ~ The Hugger
Habitat: mountains Size: 6-14kg Adaptation: keep themselves warm by hugging or dipping in hot springs Diet: seeds, roots, fruit, leaves, bark, bird eggs & insects Predator(s): man