Birds of the Mountains
  ~ Fierce Defender

Habitat: mountains Size: 1.8-2.3m wingspan; 3-7kg Adaptation: defend their nests with great aggression; often hunt in pairs, one chases while the other goes for the kill; Diet: rabbits, squirrels, fish, reptiles & birds Predator(s): wolf, bear & man
  ~ More Heard Than Seen

Habitat: mountains & rainforests Size: 46-63cm body; 1-1.5m wingspan; 1-2.5kg Adaptation: cough up pellets of undigested food e.g., fur & bones Diet: rodents, chinchillas, rabbits, fish even other birds Predator(s): eggs & nestlings may be picked off by crows & raccoons
  ~ The Cleaner

Habitat: mountains Size: 3m wingspan; 7.5-15kg Adaptation: do not build nests but lay eggs in caves, in holes, or among boulders Diet: carrion Predator(s): man destroying their habitat

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  ~ Atypical Hummer

Habitat: mountains Size: ? Adaptation: hunts insects while walking on the ground Diet: mainly insects instead of nectar Predator(s): ? Extra: has a distinct white beard and a tall black and white crest that at least doubles the height of its head
TINAMOU ~ The Survivor
Habitat: mountains Size: 25-30cm; 800g Adaptation: can survive the most severe winters Diet: seeds, roots, fruit, insects, spiders & lizards Predator(s): man hunting them for their meat
  ~ The Penthouse Resident

Habitat: mountains Size: 16.5-19cm long Adaptation: living at great heights, usually above 3,500m Diet: seeds, insects & worms Predator(s): eagle & owl