Cats, Fox & Wolf of the Mountains
COUGAR aka Puma, Catamount, Mountain Lion
Habitat: mountains Size: 1-1.6m head body; 60-85cm tail; 35-105kg Adaptation: keeps under cover while stalking its prey Diet: deer, elk, bighorn sheep, beavers, raccoons & squirrels Predator(s): man killing them to protect their cattle
  ~ Night Hunter

Habitat: mountains Size: 1-1.5m body; 0.8-1m tail; 27-54kg Adaptation: thick, whitish-gray fur, furry tail and paws protect it from the cold Diet: ibex, deer, hare, tahr, marmots, pikas & birds Predator(s): man hunting them for their fur and bones for traditional medicines
LYNX ~ Elusive Cat
Habitat: mountains Size: 80-100cm head body; 10-20cm tail; 10-21kg Adaptation: its huge feet serve as snowshoes & enable the lynx to run swiftly over snow Diet: rabbits, deer, birds, squirrel & culpeos Predator(s): man hunting them for their beautiful fur for scarves & ladies' jackets

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CULPEO aka Red Fox
Habitat: mountains & Arctic (tundra) Size: 46-86cm head body; 31-56cm tail; 3-11kg Adaptation: cubs are sandy coloured, a good camouflage against predators Diet: insects, birds, frogs, lizards, rodents, rabbits, fruit & carrion Predator(s): cubs may be killed by golden eagle & horned owl
GRAY WOLF ~ Scary Howl
Habitat: mountains & Arctic (tundra) Size: ≈ 75cm high; 1.4-2m long including tail; 25-59kg Adaptation: can cover more than 30km at a quick pace; top speed of 64km per hour Diet: elk, deer, caribou, small mammals (e.g., beaver, squirrel & rabbit) & carrion Predator(s): man