Herbivores of the Mountains
ELK aka Red Deer
  ~ Multiple-pointed Antlers

Habitat: mountains Size: 1.2-1.5m high; 147-500kg Adaptation: sheds hair twice a year replacing its warm winter coat with a cooler summer coat Diet: grass, flowering plants & woody plants Predator(s): wolf, puma, bear & man hunting them for their skin & antlers
  ~ Forward-arched Antlers

Habitat: mountains Size: 1.8-2.4m long; 0.9m high; 50-136kg Adaptation: can run as fast as 64km per hour & leap 4.6-6.1m forward when frightened Diet: Predator(s): man hunting them for sport Extra: wags & displays the white underside of its tail when it senses danger
  ~ Backward-curving Horns

Habitat: mountains Size: 65-105m high; 70-140cm horns Adaptation: can leap from (rocky) ledge to ledge Diet: grass, moss, flowers, leaves & twigs Predator(s): big cats & man

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TAHR ~ Shaggy Bull (male)
Habitat: mountains Size: 60-100kg Adaptation: hooves have rubbery sole that enable it to grip slippery rocks Diet: herbs, shrubs & other vegetation Predator(s): snow leopard & man hunting them & destroying their habitat
  ~ Horn Clasher

Habitat: mountains Size: 0.8-1.2m high; 45-136kg Adaptation: hooves with soft pads rimmed with sharp edges to climb & run on snow, ice or bare rock Diet: grass, lichens, mosses & woody plants Predator(s): puma & man hunting them for their flesh & woolly coats
  ~ Head Banger

Habitat: mountains Size: 1.5-1.8cm; 53-130kg Adaptation: shock-absorbing elastic pads of its feet enable it to leap from ledge to ledge & grip slippery surfaces Diet: grass & herbs Predator(s): lynx, puma, wolf, bear & man