Rodents of the Mountains
  ~ Striped Face

Habitat: mountains Size: 10-18cm body; 8-13cm tail; 28-142gm Adaptation: hibernates & gnaws at its store of food throughout winter; climbs trees when in danger Diet: seeds, nuts, bird eggs & insects Predator(s): eagle, owl, hawk & big cats
Habitat: mountains Size: 23-28cm body; 7-15cm tail; 450-700g Adaptation: jump up to 1.5m to escape from predators Diet: grass, herbs & roots Predator(s): man hunting them for their soft but dense fur
  ~ The Rabbit Chinchilla

Habitat: mountains Size: 29-46cm long; 1.5kg Adaptation: uses rock crevices for shelter ... agile climber Diet: plants, including lichens, mosses, grass & succulents Predator(s): cougar & man hunting them for their fur & meat

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MARMOT aka Ground Squirrel
  ~ The Whistler

Habitat: mountains Size: 30-61cm body; 0.25m tail Adaptation: lives in burrows & hibernates during winter Diet: plants Predator(s): wolf, fox, coyote & man

PIKA aka Rock Rabbit
  ~ The Squeak

Habitat: mountains Size: 15-25cm long; ≈ 120g Adaptation: gather grass into piles (like haystacks) near their rocky shelters for use as a reserve winter food supply Diet: grass, twigs & flowers Predator(s): weasel, wolf, culpeo, eagle & owl