Amphibians of the Rainforests
CAECILIAN aka Rubber Eel
  ~ Underground Shark

Habitat: rainforests (specifically underground) Size: 12-36cm long Adaptation: burrows in the moist soil of the rainforest Diet: insects, insect larvae & worms Predator(s): bird, fish & snake
  ~ Poisonous Secretion

Habitat: rainforests Size: 1535cm long; 126gm Adaptation: its skin secretes poison as a defensive mechanism Diet: insects, worms, small frogs & baby mice Predator(s): lizard, bird & snake
TREE FROG ~ Super Grasp
Habitat: rainforests (specifically in trees) Size: 4-7cm long Adaptation: green or brown in colour enabling it to blend with leaves & trees; disk-like adhesive toe pads enabling it to cling to vertical surfaces & undersides of leaves Diet: spiders & insects Predator(s): lizard, bird & snake

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  ~ Eat Me If You Dare

Habitat: rainforests (specifically among leaf litter) Size: 2.5cm long; 28g Adaptation: secretes deadly poison in its skin mucus Diet: spiders & insects Predator(s): man ... native hunters use the frog's poison by wiping their arrows & blow-gun darts across the frog's skin
PURPLE (Pig-nose) FROG
  ~ Expert Burrower

Habitat: rainforests (specifically underground) Size: ≈ 7cm long Adaptation: use its shovel-shaped bumps on its hind limbs and rounded toe-tips to aid in burrowing into the soft moist ground around termite mounds Diet: termites Predator(s): lizard, bird & snake
  ~ Gummy Secretion

Habitat: rainforests Size: 4-7cm; ≈ 40gm Adaptation: puffs up its body when threatened; its skin secretes a sticky substance that gums up the predator's eyes & mouth Diet: insects, worms, & baby mice Predator(s): man destroying their habitat