Birds of the Rainforests
HARPY EAGLE ~ Superbird
Habitat: rainforests Size: 5-9kg; 2m wingspan Adaptation: so powerful that it can snatch a sloth from top of a tree while flying & can carry an animal weighing 10kg Diet: sloths, possums, monkeys, birds, iguanas & snakes Predator(s): man shooting them & destroying their habitat & nesting sites
WOODPECKER ~ The Drummer
Habitat: rainforests Size: 18-25cm long Adaptation: its thick bill is driven by strong neck muscles; its long, hard & sticky tongue is bordered with bristles enabling it to catch insects Diet: insects, larvae, spiders, fruit & nuts Predator(s): eagle, hawk, owl, snake & raccoon
TOUCAN ~ Irritating RRRK!
Habitat: rainforests Size: 63cm body; 18cm bill; 500gm Adaptation: uses its long bill to reach fruit on branches that are too small to support their weight, and also to skin the fruit Diet: fruit, insects, bird eggs, small birds & lizards Predator(s): ocelot, jaguar & man capturing them as pets

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Habitat: rainforests Size: ≈ 1.5m high; 30cm bill; 2.6m wingspan Adaptation: catch prey by jabbing & seizing it with its large bill Diet: snails, frogs, snakes, clams & fish Predator(s): man hunting them & destroying their habitat
  ~ Helicopter Bird

Habitat: rainforests Size: 6-9cm Adaptation: strong flight muscles & figure "8" wing beats enable it to hover in the air; the only bird that can fly backward Diet: flower nectar & insects Predator(s): frog, snake & ocelot
MACAW ~ Brainiac
Habitat: rainforests Size: 30-100cm Adaptation: sharp, hooked bills which are perfect for its diet Diet: fruit, nuts & seeds Predator(s): ocelot, jaguar, snake & man destroying their habitat & capturing them as pets Extra: macaws are distinguished by their pointed wings & exceptionally long tails