More Mammals of the Rainforests
POSSUM ~ Play Dead
Habitat: rainforests Size: ≈ 76cm including tail; 4-6kg Adaptation: hand-like hind feet that help it to grasp tree branches; feigns death when threatened Diet: flowers, fruit, insects, sap & carrion Predator(s): fox, wolf, ocelot & owl
COATI ~ The Sniffer
Habitat: rainforests Size: 41-66cm body; 45-68kg Adaptation: sniff & dig in search for food Diet: insects, land crabs, snails, spiders, fruit, bird eggs, lizards & mice Predator(s): big cats, eagle, snake & alligator Extra: has a long, flexible snout & a long, ringed tail
KINKAJOU ~ Nightwalker
Habitat: rainforests Size: 43-56cm head body; 41-56cm tail; 1-3kg Adaptation: hides in tree holes during the day & comes out at night to feed Diet: fruit, insects & birds Predator(s): fox, ocelot & jaguar Extra: face of a bear cub, body of an otter & tail (prehensile) of a monkey

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TARSIER ~ Goggle Eyes
Habitat: rainforests Size: 8.5-16cm body; 13.5-27cm tail; ≈ 113gm Adaptation: long hind legs help it to jump high to catch prey; soft pads on its fingers and toes help it to grasp branches while climbing Diet: insects, birds, small lizards & snakes Predator(s): ocelot, snake, monitor lizard, owl & and eagle
~  Seed Spreader

Habitat: rainforests Size: 6.5-9.5 cm body; 30cm wingspan Adaptation: enter torpor (i.e., a sluggish state) to conserve energy when food is scarce Diet: mainly fruit supplemented with pollen & insects Predator(s): snakes, birds of prey & nocturnal arboreal mammals
BINTURONG aka Bear Cat
  ~ Buttered Popcorn Aroma

Habitat: rainforests Size: 6096cm long; 914kg Adaptation: bushy prehensile tail acts as a fifth limb Diet: mainly fruit but also birds, eggs, shoots, leaves & rodents Predator(s): may be killed by local people who believe that they are bad luck