Rodents of the Rainforests
CAPYBARA aka Water Pig
Habitat: rainforests (specifically near rivers) Size: 1.2m long; ≈ 45kg Adaptation: has webbed toes & plunges into the water at any sign of danger Diet: plants & water plants Predator(s): jaguars, alligators & man
COYPU aka Beaver Rat
Habitat: rainforests (specifically near rivers) Size: 100cm long including tail; up to 9kg Adaptation: has webbed hind feet & is an excelent swimmer Diet: water plants Predator(s): man trapping them for their fur to be made into coats & gloves
  ~ The Jumping Mouse

Habitat: rainforests Size: 42-62cm long; no tail Adaptation: conceals itself at night in hollow tree-trunks or in burrows among roots Diet: fruit, leaves & roots Predator(s): coati, jaguar & man hunting them for their meat and for the pet trade

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  ~ Night Glider

Habitat: rainforests Size: 22-35cm long Adaptation: a large, loose flap of skin, connecting its front & hind legs enabling it to glide Diet: young shoots, buds, fruit, nuts, bark, fungi, bird eggs, young birds, insects & carrion Predator(s): eagle, big cats