Bottle Exploding

Kitchen Inferno

One afternoon, while I was doing my homework in my room, I heard a loud explosion in the kitchen. I rushed to the kitchen to investigate.

I saw my mother screaming in pain, her clothes were badly burnt and there was still some fire on her. I quickly rushed to my room, grabbed a thick blanket and wrapped it around my mother to put out the fire.

By this time, all my other family members had rushed to the kitchen with worried looks on their faces. My brother called the ambulance; my sister brought my mother to the couch to lie down. My father and I put out the fire on the stove.

The kitchen was in a great mess. The walls were black with soot and some windows were smashed. The pots and pans that were on the stove were charred. We discovered that the new gas cylinder under the stove had exploded. Father said that it must have been faulty.

Drag to help us to the hospital
Very soon, the ambulance arrived and took our mother to the hospital. Father accompanied her in the ambulance. The doctor at the hospital quickly treated her. Mother's burns were serious and she had to stay in the hospital for two weeks.

Flower Growing While mother was in the hospital, we tidied the kitchen, painted the walls and bought new pots and pans. The windows were fixed and the kitchen looked nicer than before.

We brought flowers and fruits and visited mother every day. Mother finally recovered and every one was happy when she was able to come home.

Copyright by Huang YiPeng
Written in August 1998

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