"Antz" Movie :: Ants

Can you tell the difference between fact and fiction?

  1. Ant colonies are characterized by the following classes (castes) of ants:

    1. queen, worker ants and soldier ants

    2. queen, sterile female ants and reproductive male ants

    3. queen, princess (young queen), worker ants, soldier ants and general ants

  2. The male's job is to _______________.

    1. protect the queen against intruders

    2. mate with young queens on their mating flight

    3. gather food to feed the queen

  3. Worker ants are _______________.

    1. all males

    2. all females

    3. either males or females

  4. A queen's main job is to _______________.

    1. protect the colony

    2. rule the colony

    3. lay eggs

  5. The males _______________ after mating with the queens.

    1. become the kings

    2. join the army and become soldier ants

    3. die shortly

  6. After mating, the queen ant _______________.

    1. replaces the "old" queen

    2. becomes an "extra" queen in the same colony

    3. starts a new colony

    4. die shortly

  7. As the queen lays her eggs, she may or may not fertilize them with sperm deposited by the male. If she does then the fertilized eggs develop into _______________.

    1. males

    2. females

    3. either male or female

  8. Ants go through _______________ stages of development.

    1. three (3): egg, larva and adult

    2. three (3): egg, nymph and adult

    3. four (4): egg, larva, pupa and adult

  9. Ants lack _______________.

    1. a brain

    2. a heart

    3. lungs and ears

    4. blood

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