What I want to be
in the future

When I grow up, I want to be a musician. When I was in Primary Three I was deeply obsessed with music so I decided to join the Ensemble. Now I am playing the recorder in the Ensemble and I am very happy. I would not mind playing any instrument and I will be content as long as I get to be a musician. However, I love playing the piano.

I have wanted to be a musician since I was in kindergarten when I first learned how to play the piano. I like to play the piano because playing the piano always cools me down when I am angry. Besides playing music, I also like to listen to classical music.

I would like to be an accomplished pianist playing classical music in concerts. I hope many people will attend my concerts. I will give part of the money from the concerts to charity.

If I want to become a musician I will have to practice very hard and pass all the eight grades of the music examination.

I hope I will become a musician because if I do not become a musician I will be very disappointed and I will be very unhappy.
Pink Panther with Saxophone Fox with Accordion Raccoon with Violin Boy with Guitar
Copyright by Huang YiZhong
Written in February 1999

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