Who Are
PixelMy Neighbours?

"Ring" the bell rang loudly. Everybody packed their bags and get ready to go home. When the teacher dismissed the children, they lined up in two rows and walked orderly to the canteen.

Boy Walking Usually David's mother would fetch him home from school but today she was not there. David waited for 15 minutes before he walked home.

When he reached home, he knocked on the door as he did not bring his keys. Surprisingly, no one answered the door. David thought his mother was in the toilet so he waited patiently for his mother. After a few minutes there was still no response.

David knocked again but still no one answered the door. Just as he was about to go to the nearby coffee shop where his father worked to get the keys, he heard the friendly voice of his neighbour, John.

David told him that no one was home and John's mother suggested that David stays in their house till his mother came back. David and John played happily till evening when David's mother came back.

Smiley Skipping Smiley-2 Skipping
Old Lady Walking David thanked John and his family before he went back into his house. David's mother explained to David that she had a backache and she had to see a doctor. From this experience, David learnt an important lesson, "Neighbours are people who help each other."

Copyright by Huang YiZhong
Written in August 1998

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