What A Pest!

I have longed to own a pet puppy ever since I was five years old. My wish came true on my seventh birthday when my father bought me a puppy as a present. I was ecstatic then and named it, Jeffrey. It was an adorable and obedient puppy. But, of course, it needed some time to be trained. Jeffrey followed me very closely wherever I go. It especially enjoyed spending time with me in the garden.

Things changed a year ago. Jeffrey became a pest. It neither followed me nor listened to my instructions. Jeffrey had messed up my mum's favourite working place - the kitchen.

It urinated in the pot, chewed the kitchen towels and broke the bottles of spices on the cabinet. It had also dirtied the sofa and tore the mat. I had a good scolding from my mum for not taking good care of ... She insisted that I bring Jeffrey to the S.P.C.A. so as to give him away. It would break my heart if I lose Jeffrey so I kept him in my room.

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I tried very hard to train Jeffrey but it was in vain. There was no improvement in Jeffrey's behaviour. It messed up my bed and tore my story books. One day, my dad suggested that I put Jeffrey with his friend, Uncle Tony who has three dogs. According to dad, Uncle Tony is very experienced in training dogs. I was glad to hear that. I agreed and dad made the arrangements.

It was a Sunday morning, my dad had accompanied me as we send Jeffrey to Uncle Tony's house. On the way, Jeffrey was making a lot of noise as if it knew that it was going to another place. People were looking at me and I left so embarrassed.

Uncle Tony's house was very big and has a garden. He was in the garden with his dogs waiting for us. I was quite shocked to see that one of his dogs was as big as a little pony. Jeffrey was barking loudly at them. Uncle Tony picked up Jeffrey and it was struggling to break free. He gently rubbed its head and talked softly to Jeffrey. He seemed to be able to communicate with dogs as Jeffrey calmed down very quickly. I hope Uncle Tony could train Jeffrey to be as obedient as his dogs.

I told Uncle Tony about Jeffrey's behaviour had driven me up the wall. He said told me that it was not an easy to keep a pet. We need a lot of time and patience to know the pet well. He asked me to leave Jeffrey with him for at least a month and that I can visit Jeffrey whenever I am free. I was quite uncomfortable without Jeffrey but I hoping that it would turn into a lovable pet soon.

Story Copyright by Sooi Min Ling
Zhangde Primary 4/1 in 2000
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