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Click and drag the matchsticks (or numbers or puzzle pieces) to solve these online puzzles. Please note that there may be more than one solution to each puzzle. These logic games challenge your mind; if you really have difficulties solving the puzzles ... don't get mad, get help. But nothing beats solving these brain teasers by your own efforts. You may even discover a new solution to a puzzle. Have fun!

You need Microsoft or Netscape 4.0 browsers to play these puzzles online. The puzzles work fine with Netscape 4.76 (but not Netscape 6). Best viewed with a screen area of 800 x 600 pixels. Puzzles with (FCS) work with Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers.

If you come to this site through "Translation by Altavista" then the pop-up puzzles may be inaccessible; view the page in its original language.
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  • Counting Fishes ... hand-eye coordination + numbers 1-5

    ... associate a certain quantity of fishes to a spoken numeral (1-5). Total size of all associated files is about 154 KB.

  • Mixed-Up Puzzles (FCS)... clicking + visual discrimination

    ... four 16-piece puzzles waiting to be unraveled with sound effects. Total size of all associated files is about 200 KB but well worth a visit.

  • Sorting Puzzles ... dragging + visual discrimination + logical thinking

    For Internet Explorer users only - Five puzzles arranged from easy to difficult. The third puzzle has more than one correct answer and the last two puzzles are tricky!

  • Origami Animals ... dragging + visual discrimination + creativity

    ... assemble parts of origami animals into a whole or create your own mythical creature. These puzzles are arranged from easy to hard --- a bird, a horse and a dog.

  • Bible Jigsaw Puzzles ... New and Old Testament illustrations; suitable for preschoolers and early primaries

  • Sliding Tile Puzzles New... are you baffled by sliding puzzles? Try these two with help on how to solve them!

    Number Puzzles: 8-Tile | 15-Tile

    Picture Puzzles: butterfly | frog | White House | Istana

  • Math Triangles

    ... add 3 single-digit numbers with totals 9, 10, 11 and 12. One tip is hidden but no final solution is provided. You can do it!

  • Math Squares

    ... add 3 single-digit numbers with totals 13, 14 and 15. If you can do the math triangles, then you can do these math squares. Two tips are hidden.

  • Upside-Down Glasses (FCS)... if you really need help, a crucial move is provided --- hidden, of course.

  • Doggy Turnaround (FCS)... two possible solutions hidden in the page

  • Angel Fish Turnaround (FCS)... one possible solution hidden in the page. Go figure out both of them.

  • Stick-Square Puzzles ... 8 stick puzzles waiting to be solved.

    Solutions are provided in a separate link hidden in the current page. Why do I hide the solutions? Because you don't need them. But if you want to take a look ... happy hunting!

  • More Stick Squares ... 8 more stick puzzles to sprain your brain!

    For IE 4.0 users, solutions are hidden in the same page as the puzzles while solutions for Netscape 4.0 users are in a separate link hidden in the current page. But no peeping, if I am to accomplish my goal of twisting your brain.

  • Stick-Triangle Puzzles ... 13 new challenging stick puzzles. Solutions are hidden in the same page as the puzzles.

  • 3x3 Magic Square (FCS) ... the numbers (1-9) in the rows, columns and diagonals all add up to 15. Self-checking.

    Step-by-step method of solving magic squares is provided in a hidden link.

    For a greater challenge, try 5x5 Magic Square (FCS)

  • More Thinking Games ... play against different opponents ... yourself, the computer or a friend. Games include Battleship (with sound effects), Othello, Towers of Hanoi, Mastermind, Tangrams, Connect 4, Connect-the-dots, Rush Hour and more.

  • Unmarked Jugs New ... click "Solve the puzzles" then "Capacity - the unmarked jugs". Take note of the "Target" capacity (bottom of the center column) which changes each time you reload the game ... so you can play again and again.

    Lesson Plan for Unmarked Jugs (pdf)

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Notes to Parents/Teachers:
  1. To prevent children from accessing animated solutions (involving timelines), access them first and the children can't access them again unless ...

  2. If you need the solutions, send me an email or use the feedback form.
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  • Froggie Switch ... Flash player required

    Goal: Switch the green (G) and brown (B) frogs such that the green frogs are on the right and the brown frogs are on the left.
    Rules: A frog may hop onto an adjacent empty stone (S) or leap over another frog onto an empty stone.
    Instructions: (1) Click on the red arrowhead next to "REINICIAR" to begin/restart. (2) Click on a frog to jump.

  • The Frustrated Farmer ... Shockwave plug-in required

    Help a farmer with a fox, a chicken and a bag of corn cross a river in a boat without anything being eaten.

  • Cannibals and Missionaries... Flash player required

    Help missionaries and cannibals cross a river. The rowboat holds a maximum of two persons at a time. Beware: If the cannibals outnumber the missionaries on either bank, the missionaries will be eaten up.

    How to play: Click on a person to put him on/off the boat. Click the GO button at the top of the screen to move the boat.

  • People Crossing New ... instructions in Chinese

    Help all the people cross a river. The raft holds a maximum of two persons at a time and only the adults (i.e., father, mother and police) know how to operate it. Beware: (1) The father cannot stay with any of the daughters without their mother's presence. (2) The mother cannot stay with any of the sons without their father's presence. (3) The thief cannot stay with any family member if the police is not on the same side of the river.

    How to play: Click on the big blue circle to begin. Click on a person to put him on/off the raft. Click the handle bar on the river bank to move the raft.
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Interactive Fun Puzzles for Kids
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