PRIMARY SCIENCE SYLLABUS:    DIVERSITY  |  Cycles  |  Systems  |  Interactions  |  Energy
This is my attempt to match the 2008 Primary Science syllabus of the Ministry of Education, Singapore with online resources
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Describe the characteristics of living things.
  • NEED water, food and air to survive
  • DO - grow, respond and reproduce
  • NGfL KS1 - PLANTS need light & water to grow
    Houghton Mifflin G3 - Plants Meet Needs
    BBC KS3 - Life processes
    Recognise some broad GROUPS OF LIVING THINGS.
  • PLANTS (e.g. flowering, non-flowering)
  • ANIMALS (e.g. birds, fish, insects, mammals)
  • fungi (e.g. mushroom, yeast)
  • bacteria
  • Classifying Critters

    Variations (BBC KS2) - Activity | Revision
    Inherited & environmental causes of variation (BBC KS3)

    BrainPOP Movies at National Geographic - Insects | Hair
    List the various types of materials and relate their properties to their uses. e.g. plastics, wood, rubber, metals BBC Science Clip - Grouping & Changing Materials

    Characteristics of Materials (BBC KS2)
    - Activity | Revision

    McGraw-Hill G4 - Buoyancy & Density (second animation)
    Houghton Mifflin G5 - Density Differences
    Density Bottle Recipe
    NGfL KS2 - Viscosity (thickness and thinness of liquids)

    ActiveScience - GSK
  • Illustrated Materials Database
  • Mission Material (Game)
  • Resources compiled in July 2008 by Alan S.L. Wong
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