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Sheep Jumping Up and Down

Big Sheep  & Small Sheep (1)

Young children love stories about animals or to be featured as the main characters in a story, or have characters modelled after them. While we were in the States, I made up the following story for my boys to encourage sibling harmony. This is Chapter 1 of 3.

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Sharing with one another

Once upon a time, there were two sheep. One was a small sheep ... so small (separate hands to show size). It has a soft voice ... baa! The other was a big sheep ... so big (stretch arms to show size). It has a loud voice ... BAA! The two sheep are brothers.

Sheep Jumping Over Hurdle Every day, Big Sheep and Small Sheep would go out to the fields to play together and to look for grass to eat. One morning, as always, the two sheep went out. Big Sheep and Small Sheep gambolled out to the fields to look for grass to eat ... (Get the children to gambol together "to the fields.") Now it has not been raining for many days and most of the grass had dried up.

Big Sheep and Small Sheep gambolled for a long time but they could not find any green grass to eat. They were getting tired. Their feet were tired and they could no longer gambol. So they walked ... (Get the children to drag their feet on the ground.) Big Sheep and Small Sheep walked and walked from morning until afternoon but there were no green grass. As far as they could see all the green grass had become brown.

The sun was getting hotter. Big Sheep and Small Sheep were tired, hungry and thirsty ... (Get the children to stick out their tongues and pant.) But Big Sheep and Small Sheep continued walking and soon they came to a river. They lowered their heads and lapped up some water with their tongue ... (demonstrate how this is done).

When Big Sheep lifted his head, he saw a small green patch under a tree. He gambolled over to the tree. It was a patch of green grass. "BAA, BAA!" he shouted to Small Sheep to come over. Both Big Sheep and Small Sheep were very excited. But the small patch of grass was a very small patch ... it was just enough for one sheep. What should they do? (Pause) Who should eat the small batch of green grass? (Pause) "BAA, BAA! Go ahead and eat it. I am not very hungry" said Big Sheep and he began to move away. "Baa! Let us share the green grass" said Small Sheep. So Big Sheep and Small Sheep shared the small patch of small grass. They were very happy and they gambolled all the way home ... (Get the children to hold hands and gambol "all the way home.")

Sheep Grazing Big Sheep found the green grass and he could have eaten the grass all by himself. But Big Sheep was generous to let Small Sheep eat the small patch of green grass. Small Sheep was also sharing ... he shared the green grass with Big Sheep. Small Sheep loves Big Sheep and Big Sheep loves Small Sheep.

Note: "Tell it again!" Like a favourite book, a good story can be repeated over and over. If your children like the story then repeat the first part and continue the story with Chapter Two.

Story Copyright by Alan S.L. Wong
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