Sheep Jumping Up and Down

Big Sheep  & Small Sheep (2)

Young children love stories about animals or to be featured as the main characters in a story, or have characters modelled after them. While we were in the States, I made up the following story for my boys to encourage sibling harmony. This is Chapter 2 of 3.

Horizontal Rule

United we stand

As they were gambolling home, a big bad wolf was following them. The big bad wolf had not eaten for many days and he was very hungry. He wants to eat both Big Sheep and Small Sheep.

Suddenly, he pounced on both Big Sheep and Small Sheep and started to attack them with his sharp claws. "Run!" shouted Big Sheep to Small Sheep. Small Sheep ran as fast as he could while Big Sheep tried to knock the big bad wolf with his head. But the big bad wolf was too strong for Big Sheep.

Small Sheep ran back to Big Sheep and now both Big Sheep and Small Sheep tried to knock the big bad wolf with their heads. Two sheep were attacking the big bad wolf at the same time and from different directions. Small Sheep attacked on the left and Big Sheep attacked on the right. (Hold up a big pillow against your chest and have the children take turns to butt their heads against the pillow.)

Wolf Running Away Together Big Sheep and Small Sheep were stronger than the big bad wolf. So the big bad wolf .... all the way home.

Big Sheep and Small Sheep took care of each other. Big Sheep tried to protect Small Sheep from the big bad wolf. But when the big bad wolf proved too strong for Big Sheep, Small Sheep returned to help. United Big Sheep and Small Sheep were strong.

Note: Repeat Chapters One and Two then continue the story with Chapter Three.

Story Copyright by Alan S.L. Wong

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