Sheep Jumping Up and Down

Big Sheep  & Small Sheep (3)

Young children love stories about animals or to be featured as the main characters in a story, or have characters modelled after them. While we were in the States, I made up the following story for my boys to encourage sibling harmony. This is Chapter 3 of 3.

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Our Protector

The big bad wolf went and called his other wolf friends to help. So a whole pack of three wolves came and pounced upon Big Sheep and Small Sheep. Big Sheep and Small Sheep tried to fight with the wolves but there were too many of them. "Run and get help" shouted Big Sheep to Small Sheep. Small Sheep ran toward home as fast as he could.

Meanwhile, the Shepherd heard the noises. When he saw Small Sheep running back alone without Big Sheep, he knew something was wrong. He picked up his rod and ran towards Small Sheep. He saw the three wolves attacking Big Sheep. He used his rod to hit the wolves and chased them away.

Shepherd watching over his sheep Both Big Sheep and Small Sheep were hurt. The Shepherd picked up Big Sheep and lifted him up to his shoulders then he carried Small Sheep in his arms. He brought them home and put medicine on their wounds. The Shepherd took good care of Big Sheep and Small Sheep.

Whenever Big Sheep and Small Sheep have troubles, the Shepherd is always there to help them. Jesus is our Shepherd and He will always take care of us.

Story Copyright by Alan S.L. Wong

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