A Trick    

It was late in the night, everybody was asleep except for my brother and me. We decided to play a trick on our parents.

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We crept into our parents' bedroom. I took a large sheet of construction paper and drew a morning scene and hanged it on the window. Meanwhile, my brother advanced the time on the alarm clock to just ten minutes before seven. We went back to our bedroom and waited.

Ringing Alarm Clock Soon the alarm clock rang. My parents jumped out of bed. My father went to the bathroom to brush his teeth while my mother came over to our room to wake us. She was surprised when she found us awake and laughing.

My parents were angry and scolded us for playing a trick on them at such a late hour and for waking them up. Nowadays they locked their bedroom door when they go to bed.

Copyright by Huang YiZhong
Written in April 1998

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