Drawing and Collecting
- Whales and Dolphins

While some people enjoy sports like soccer or cycling, or hobbies like stamp collecting, mine is a unique one. It is drawing and collecting things on whales and dolphins. I started loving them when I was in kindergarten, all because of the show "Free Willy." I have three VCDs entitled Free Willy 1, 2 and 3.

I know the facts and the various kinds of whales and dolphins quite well. The orcas or killer whales are my favourite whales. They are usually a striking black and white. They are easily spotted among all the whales. They prey on squids, rays, sharks, seals, sea-lions, walruses and even other whales!

A Whale I was encouraged to carry on this hobby by my family. As they know my love for these mammals, they are always on the lookout for collectibles or figurines on these marine animals.

Whenever, I find some spare time, I would draw pictures of my favourite animals. When they are ready, my mother will frame up the good ones. After that, I would admire my "masterpiece."

When I first started drawing, my whales looked ridiculous. But after years of practice, I could now draw whales as well as illustrations of whales in books.

My ambition is to become a marine scientist, so I will continue to read up on whales and work towards my goal as I grow up.
A Whale
Story Copyright by Janson Chang
Zhangde Primary 4/1 in 2000
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