Changing Faces - Don't Know Who He Is
Once upon a time, there lived a wizard. He did not know his own name and neither did any other people so he was called What's-My-Name. He lived in an old oak tree.

He sold spells for a living. Now What's-My-Name had better spells than anybody so everybody bought spells from him.

A Wizard Witch-Spells, Wizard-Got-All-Spells and Witch-Knows-All were very jealous of What's-My-Name.

So they got together and discussed what to do as What's-My-Name was so popular that very few people bought spells from them.

At last they decided to go to the King and ask him for a tornado spell. Only the King has tornado spells. The King did not know what they wanted to do and as his name was Generous-to-Everybody, he gave them the spell for free.

The next day, they sent the tornado spell to What's-My-Name and when he opened the spell, the tornado came out and brought him to Horsey Land.

What's-My-Name was very surprised. He knew that only a flying horse would be able to bring him back to the old oak tree.

A Flying Horse He then bought a horse called Know-it-all-and-Go-to-all. This horse has black, grey, blue, white, brown, green, pink, red, purple, orange and GOLD colours all over its body! The horse had wings and What's-My-Name sat on it and said, "Back to the old oak tree" and the horse flew back to the old oak tree.

A Wizard Throwing A Spell After that What's-My-Name asked the horse, "Who sent me to Horsey Land?" When the horse told him everything, What's-My-Name was very angry. He sent Witch-Spells, Wizard-Got-All-Spells and Witch-Knows-All to the moon and they were never heard of again.

Copyright by Huang YiPeng
Written in October 1997

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