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Virtual Teacher Aide (VTAide) is the exclusive representative for Vox Proxy products in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.


1Vox Proxy
Adds 3D talking animated characters to PowerPoint
On MOE's Recommended Software List - "Good Buy"
Windows OS

2Animal Idioms
209 idioms in 12 categories
Created with Vox Proxy and CD Prep
Windows OS

3LESOL - Learning English for Speakers of Other Languages
An interactive web site that adopts a multi-sensory approach to learning and teaching English
Uses Microsoft Agent Technology

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understands how difficult it is for busy teachers to infuse Information Technology into their teaching and lessons.

Using phone, fax, email and a web site, VTAide supports teachers with their teaching function. VTAide will do the following and help solve some of your problems:


  • Create presentations that incorporate multimedia and interactive features for classroom teaching

    Information is available but scattered among multiple sources and in different file formats. VTAide can help you combine relevant resources in CD-ROMs and the World Wide Web into ONE unified animated PowerPoint presentation for use in the classroom.

    These classroom presentations can be used later as reviews. Interactive quizzes (patterned after popular gameshows) can be added to assess the students' learning.

  • Search Convenience

    search engines, directories & reference tools in ONE location


    find pictures, sounds & information
  • Research topics of your choice and provide links to relevant web sites

    There is no magic involved in searching the World Wide Web but there certainly are difficulties in finding what you need. No single search engine covers the entire Web. Some claim to have indexed more than 3 billion web pages but the relevance of what will be thrown up in any given search can be a source of frustration.

    VTAide offers expertise in searching for good and relevant sources of information that you need to support interdisciplinary project work (IPW).

  • Create web pages to showcase your students' works

    Would you like your students to read more?

    VTAide can help convert your students' works into web pages with music, special effects and pictures. These web pages then can be stored in computers available in your school's open access areas for ALL students to read and enjoy.

    Students whose compositions are showcased would be excited to show them to their schoolmates and parents. Other students would be motivated to work hard to have their compositions displayed on the computers.
Benefits ... Engaging the services of VTAide frees a teacher for an abundance of other things, which may include:
  • Developing a department or committee

  • Concentrating on the work he/she loves … teaching!

  • Spending more time with students
Call Alan Wong at xxxx-xxxx or to learn more about VTAide services and training.

“As teachers, you must question accepted techniques, and see if there is a better way of achieving your objectives. Ask yourself if what you are teaching now could be done more effectively to help students learn better.”

Singapore PM Goh Chok Tong,
speaking at the Teachers' Day Rally 2001
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