Design for Students

Design for Students

Students love to have fun. The school web site can supplement school work by focusing on their interesting aspects. Provide links to interesting stories, educational games and fun activities that challenge their thinking or reinforce the subject topics. These links can also serve as a vehicle for parents to spend time with their children.

"If mum finds out that I'm going to the beach, I'll be in big trouble." I muttered to myself softly.

I crept slowly down the stairs and tried to walk casually into the kitchen. As I was walking towards the back door, mum asked without looking up from her "dish-washing", "Where are you going?"
Have a section on your school web site to showcase student work whether it is art, music, writing or project presentations.

Presently, pupils' compositions are displayed in the individual classrooms. By showcasing them on your school web site, you provide the opportunity for all your students to read their schoolmates' writing. Fast track students in the lower primaries can read and learn from the writing of the upper primaries. Other students can pick up new words, phrases and ideas for their own writing and would be motivated to work hard to have their own writing displayed on the school web site.

Students whose writing are showcased would have their confidence boosted and be excited to tell their friends. The same is true for parents of the students. Which parent would not be excited that their children are learning and growing? They too would be telling their friends and neighbours. This is free advertising of your school to parents of your prospective students.

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