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While on staff with Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ, Alan and Hui Meng wrote regular newsletters to inform their Church, friends and supporters about the happenings in their lives and ministries. The title "Blessed to be a Blessing" was first used in their newsletters in 1985 to reflect the nature of their lives and ministries ... the LORD has blessed them and they, in turn, to be a channel of blessings to others. They stopped writing when they left Campus Crusade in 1994.

Alan started writing newsletters again in April 1996 with a focus on the Christian life and parenting. Since then this parenting newsletter has been issued once every two months (till April 1998). If the LORD bless you through these newsletters, please tell your friends about this web site, which contains most of these newsletters and other articles that were written after April 1998.

The articles are classified in the following manner (see navigation in the left column):

  • Parent-to-Child
  • Parent-to-God
  • Parent-to-Parent
  • Parent-to-Work

  • Unclassified ... cannot naturally fit into the above 4 categories
  • Faithlink - Parent Zone ... answers to parenting questions
How parents relate to one another, how they feel about their work and their personal relationship with God ... all of these affect their relationship with their children.

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