Camp Out

Adapted from "Sleep Out" written by Carol and Donald Carrick

Narrator: For his birthday, Christopher's parents gave him a sleeping bag, a water bottle and a flashlight.
Father: It's for the countryside. We'll sleep out next weekend when we go to the cottage for the summer.
Chris: Oh! That's too long to wait!
Narrator: Christopher dragged all the gear downstairs to the backyard to try it out but the lady next door kept talking to him.
Chris: Rats! I can't pretend to be all by myself in the woods with Mrs Smith's nosy interruptions.
Narrator: Saturday morning finally came. Christopher and his parents made a long trip to the countryside.
Chris: This is exciting! I'm going to camp near the brook where I can fill my water bottle.
Narrator: On reaching the cottage, Father started unloading their stuff from the car.
Father: I'm too tired to camp out tonight. There are too many things to do before we're settled.
Chris: I'll go out myself then. I'll find a good spot to sleep out.
Father: Alright! You can always come back if you change your mind.
Chris: I won't change my mind. I'll see you tomorrow.
Narrator: Christopher started off and unrolled his sleeping bag at the chosen spot. He tried to sleep but the trees shook their leaves and startled him. Then the mosquitoes whined in his ears.
Chris: (Afraid) Being by myself isn't much fun.
Boy Running Towards Farmhouse Narrator: Suddenly it rained heavily. Christopher hurriedly packed up to head towards an old farmhouse he saw earlier. As he walked, he heard a howl that terrified him. He ran as fast as he could.
Before Christopher could close the door to the farmhouse, the "wolf" rushed in, leaped on Christopher and licked his face. The "wolf" turned out to be his dog, Brownie. Boy with Dog
Chris: Brownie, you frightened me. I thought you were a wolf!
Narrator: Christopher unrolled his sleeping bag and crawled in. Brownie lay down next to him and they both slept.

The next morning when Christopher woke up, he was so pleased that he had slept out all night by himself.
Father: Well, you really did it! You slept out all by yourself. How was it?
Chris: It was great, except I got a little scared. It started to rain and I went to the farmhouse and Brownie found me and we slept together. But it would have been more fun if you had come along.
Father: How about tonight? We can set up the tent.
Chris: Oh, boy! I can't wait to sleep out with you, Dad!

Follow-up Activities

  1. Have the children find as many words as they can in the script that describe Christopher's fears.

  2. Ask the children to continue the story ... write an exciting adventure describing what happened when Christopher slept out with his dad in the tent that night.

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Script Copyright by Kow Hui Meng
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