Photo: C & D Frith

Tree Kangaroo

I am a tree kangaroo
with lots of things to do
but I don't fly
for I'm no fool.

I've cushion-like paws
and a long furry tail
with my fur mottled blackish brown.

My life span is short
but I've got a long alarming growl.

I have adapted to living in the trees,
balancing on trees.
I am a particularly good climber
as you will soon see.
I eat leaves and fruits
found on the ground and in the trees.

I live in New Guinea.
My aboriginal name is boongarry
which you've to admit is kind of funny.

Me and my many species
are hunted for our flesh
but tree kangaroos are endangered animals
so don't hunt me,
leave me in the forest
and let me be.

Copyright by Huang YiPeng
Written in January 1999

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