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Funny short stories for kids filled with music, special effects and pictures. They have been updated to work with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Please wait for all elements to load before exploring with your mouse. You and your children can read them together.
Alan S.L. Wong Huang Yipeng Huang Yizhong
A Woa Woa & A Wagging Tail

Big Sheep and Small Sheep

One and Two

Part of LESOL
Fun Alphabet,
Vocab & Spelling

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A Scary Night

Adventure at Sea

An Adventure in Space

A Fight Between Brothers

Fire! Fire!

Unforgettable Past

Kitchen Inferno

Home Alone

The Time Machine

Tree Kangaroo

A Duck Tale

The Escape

Mission Fishing

Barky and the Burglar

A Trick

Who Are My Neighbours?

Small Good Wolf

What I Want To Be

A New Wolf

A Birthday Bike

A Terrifying Experience

A Mouse and His Bug

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