Two or One?
Bible Study #2 for Parents

A waterfall is only as strong as its source, so is our influence on our children. The foundation for family devotions is the parents' own relationship with the LORD. This section consists of 30 lessons filled with study questions for your own understanding and application.

The following is a sample bible study guide for parents. You can use it as a devotional guide when you spend time with the Lord. Alternatively, you can use it in a small group bible study.

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  1. Why did God create the woman (Gen. 2:18-22)?

  2. "It is not good for the man to be alone ..." In what ways have you experienced the truth of this statement?

  3. The word "helpmate" describes one who can do what man alone cannot do. In what area(s) is the woman to help the man (Gen. 1:26-27)?

  4. For wives only: What implications does woman's relationship to man as a suitable helpmate have on your relationship with your husband?

  5. For husbands only: How might you treat your wife as ...

    1. your suitable helpmate?

    2. "one flesh" with you (cf Eph. 5:28-33; 1 Cor. 6:16)?

  6. What does "leaving" mean in the context of the ancient Israelite extended family structure?

  7. How is "leaving and cleaving" relevant to your marriage? Discuss with your spouse.

From One to Two
rose Everywhere I turn, I see two
But I could not find one
like me

Though I am made like You,
You are not like me.
You are unique, the only One

You need no one
But I need someone
To have and to hold

It is not good for me to be alone
So You made someone
For me alone

The one I love is the one I hate
The one I cleave is the one I leave

I could not live with her
Nor could I live without her

You gave us Your only One
And You gave me
The only way to have and to hold.


For Reflection:

  1. In what ways is the creative writing true of Adam?

  2. In what ways is it true of you?

  3. What do you think is "the only way to have and to hold"?
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Two or One?
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