Adventure at Sea    

I am the captain of a ship from the Singapore Marine Police Force. I have been with the Marine Force for eight years. I loved the sea because of the cool sea winds, the fresh smell of the sea and the beautiful scenery. I also wanted to catch criminals and so I joined the Marine Police Force and do what I love.

Sailboat Recently, I was out on a boat with a few of my friends. We were not working but the Marine Police Force allowed us to use the sailboat that was meant for rest and recreation.

We went fishing. We were on our way back when I spotted a ship with the name PSS Pollu. It was releasing oil into the sea. I was horrified. I picked up a loud hailer and shouted, "Stop your pollution at once and follow us back to shore!"

But PSS Pollu decided to flee.
We gave chase but their ship was too fast for us. We contacted the Marine Force base and requested for help. Two fast marine boats were sent and soon caught up with PSS Pollu and surrounded it. The ship had no choice but to surrender.

Police with Torchlight Six marine policemen searched PSS Pollu and discovered that it was carrying smuggled cigarettes. The men of PSS Pollu were subsequently charged in court. I was rewarded for responding to a situation while off duty.

Copyright by Huang YiPeng
Written in April 1998
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