How Seeds Are Dispersed
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By Splitting Suddenly - Explosive Action of Fruits
Some fruits scatter their seeds by literally exploding. The pod dries, bursts open and forcibly shoots the seeds for several feet in all directions.
By Water
The fruits of most water plants have buoyant, waterproof coverings that allow them to float and disperse their seeds by water.
By Wind
Some seeds are enclosed in wing-like husks (with one or two propeller blades) or fluffy coverings that help them drift some distance away from the parent plant.
By Animals / Humans
Animals often serve as seed carriers. Seeds (with sticky hairs, bristles, hooks, or barbs) are transported by sticking to the fur of animals or on the clothing of human beings.

Birds and other animals eat the fleshy fruits and discard the seeds or they may eat both but the seeds are not digested and are passed out with their droppings, often far away from the parent plant.

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