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AWARD-WINNING mathematical word problems with different solution strategies. Interactive image maps on various human body systems with definitions. Multiple-choice questions (with instant feedback) on states of matter, food chains and the human body. Reading and comprehension exercises based on 'Matilda' and 'Danny, Champion of the World' by Roald Dahl. A great homeschooling resource that is suitable for children in Primary 4-6.

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Green Square These worksheets are designed to help primary school students think through and solve mathematical word problems. Different solution strategies are also presented.

The Parade of Legs Star Rating

The Bananas Problem Star Rating - fractions

Illustration of the Model Method IE New

The Secret Exchange

The Big Tank-Small Tank Problem

Multiplication Applet

Multiplication Facts You Do NOT Need to Memorize

We will begin a journey into the multiplication tables to discover the reasons why you do NOT need to memorize a lot of facts. You will see that there are only about 13 facts that you may want to memorize.

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Reading comprehension & vocabulary

Fun Alphabet, Vocabulary & Spelling BROADBAND REQUIRED

Synonyms and Antonyms BROADBAND REQUIRED


Danny the Champion of the World
Science » The contents in many of these worksheets go slightly beyond the Primary 4 Science Syllabus of the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The worksheets provide additional information about the topics learnt in school. Children who are keen to learn more will find them interesting.

IE = for Internet Explorer only   |   Open a new window in fullscreen = a new browser window will open in fullscreen

   •   All About Matter : MCQ Pre-test with instant feedback   |   Matter & Types of Changes Crossword puzzle

   •   Structure of Matter - Particle Model IE   |   Characteristics of Matter IE

   •   Structure of the Atom   |   Image Map of A Nuclear Reactor + pics of nuclear meltdown

Earth Open a new window in fullscreen

   •   Image Map of the Rock Cycle New

   •   Carbon Cycle - Biological and Geological

   •   Water Cycle New   |   Water Cycle Crossword Crossword puzzle

   •   How Clouds and Tornadoes Form   |   Layers of the Atmosphere Updated

   •   Image Map of Our Solar System New   |   Solar System Crossword Crossword puzzle

UNCLASSIFIED Open a new window in fullscreen ALL open in a new window

   •   Factors affecting evaporation   |   Evaporation and Boiling

   •   Methods of Heat Transfer   |   Heat Crossword Crossword puzzle

   •   Magnetic Poles & Fields   |   Magnetic Power Crossword Crossword puzzle

   •   Testing Acids & Alkalis IE with Activity

   •   Classification of Levers - Activity   |   Simple Machines Crossword Crossword puzzle

Plants Open a new window in fullscreen
Reproduction in Plants:   Learn » Do
Plants Grown from:   Seeds   |   Bulbs
Seed Dispersal:   Learn » Do » Watch
Cycle of Photosynthesis & Respiration Parts of a plant cell
Plant Parts as Food Poisonous Plants
What do living things need?   |   What can living things do?   |   Living & non-living things - Activity

Life Cycles

Open a new window in fullscreen CLASSIFICATION
•   Living Things
•   Plants: Learn » Do
•   Animals: Learn » Do

•   Is it a bird?
•   Is it an insect?

Open a new window in fullscreen LEARNING

•   Happy Feet :: Penguins
•   The Lion King
•   Antz :: Ants Open a new window in fullscreen
Open a new window in fullscreen Life Cycle Activity Crossword Puzzle Others
Chicken Yes       Inside of an egg
Frog Yes Yes   Yes Frog Game
Butterfly Yes Yes 10 words Yes Compared with Moths
Mosquito Yes Yes 15 words   Label the
(1) Mosquito
(2) Larva
Housefly Yes Yes      
Honey Bee Video        
Cockroach YesIM        
Cricket YesIM IM = Incomplete metamorphosis Anatomy
PBS Online:   Mayfly   |   Monarch Butterfly   |   Enter the Honeybee Hive
energy pyramid

Open a new window in fullscreen ADAPTATIONS
•   Birds' Beaks with pdf ws
•   Birds' Feet
•   Camels
•   Crab
•   Animal Adaptations

•   Fish Anatomy
•   Symbiosis with video links

•   Desert Biomes
•   Temperate Biomes

•   Food Chains
        Card Game
Food Chains and Webs Open a new window in fullscreen

   •   Article with "Create A Food Web" Activity

   •   Food Chains Card Game (more than 200 "baseball style" animal cards from five habitats) New

   •   Food Chains MCQ    •   Food Chains Crossword Crossword puzzle

   •   Image Map of the Nitrogen Cycle - What happens in the soil?

   •   Surprising Carnivores

   •   Build A Food Pyramid   |   Choose Your Food Plate

Tropical Rainforest Food Chains

   •   Tropical Rainforest Education - ERIC Digest

   •   Animals of A Tropical Rainforest

Marine/Ocean Food Webs

   •   Image Map of A Cold Desert Food Web - Antarctic Food Web

   •   Create An Ocean Food Web IE

Selected Resources on Ecosystems

human body systems
The image maps are diagrams of the various body systems. The words on the image maps are hotspots ... click on them and definitions will appear in an iframe (instead of a pop-up) :- NEW DESIGN. Take a look at the image maps before attempting the multiple-choice questions (MCQ).

The interactive crossword puzzles require Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later. Click on any of the word blanks in the puzzle to view clues and type to enter a word. Open a new window in fullscreen
Open a new window in fullscreen Image Activity MCQs Crossword
Digestive Sys Yes 12 nos. Sp. Oesophagus (12)

Sp. Esophagus (12)
Respiratory Sys Yes 11 nos. 11 words
The Ear Yes - 14 words
Skeletal Sys Yes 14 nos. 14 words
Circulatory Sys - - 16 nos. 13 words
Nervous Sys - - 16 nos. -

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