Food Chains Card Game - The Cards
ARCTIC FOX ~ Jump & Break
Habitat: Arctic (tundra) Size: 50-70cm body; 28-40cm tail; 2.5-8kg Adaptation: locates its prey under the snow by hearing then leaps so that it can break through the snow to catch it Diet: lemming, vole, birds & leftovers from seals killed by polar bears Predator(s): man hunting them for their fur
SANDGROUSE ~ Water Carrier
Habitat: deserts Size: 23-41cm long; 235-300gm Adaptation: flies to drink at water-hole every 2-3 days; the male sandgrouse soaks its soft breast feathers with water & carries it back to its young Diet: seeds of desert plants Predator(s): fox, snake & mongoose
WARTHOG ~ Quick Charge
Habitat: grasslands Size: ≈ 76cm high & 50-150kg Adaptation: use the burrows of other animals for shelter Diet: plants, fruit, roots, earthworms, birds' eggs, & even small mammals Predator(s): man, lion, leopard & hyena
JAGUAR ~ The Cruncher
Habitat: rainforests Size: 1.6-1.8m body; 45-75cm tail; 67-76cm high; 56-151kg Adaptation: Strong jaws and canines for piercing & crunching the skull of their prey Diet: fish, frogs, caiman, mice, tapirs, deer, capybaras & other rodents Predator(s): man hunting them for their skin Extra: worship as god by some cultures

© Nov 2010
Alan S.L. Wong

This is my attempt to create a food chains card game which is basically who eats who? (predator-prey) and where? (habitat). The earth has many different natural regions called habitats. For the purpose of this game, these habitats are classified into arctic, deserts, grasslands, mountains and rainforests.

Each card contains information about the animal's habitat, size, adaptation, diet and predator(s). On the left is a sample animal card which has the name of the animal followed by a tilde (~) then the "power" or "characteristic" of that animal ... which may be "appealing" to children. This power or characteristic is sometimes explained under "Adaptation".

This game has been played only in my mind and not in reality so there may be a fair bit of kinks. Appreciate your comments via feedback form on how to improve the game ... the cards and the rules.

If you choose not to play the card game, you probably will find other uses for the cards in your classroom. Have fun! Read the instructions on how to print the cards with background images.

The animal cards are as follows:

  • Animals: polar bear, walrus, arctic fox, grizzly bear, wolverine, red fox

  • Animals2: musk ox, caribou, dall sheep, arctic hare, arctic ground squirrel, lemming

  • Birds: gryfalcon, snowy owl, arctic tern, puffin, godwit, ptarmigan

  • Insects: mosquito, arctic bumblebee, jutta arctic, arctic white

  • Seals: ringed seal, bearded seal, harp seal, hooded seal, spotted seal, ribbon seal

  • Whales & Shark: orca, narwhal, baleen, beluga, greenland shark

  • Under the Arctic Ice: plankton, krill, big fish, small fish, squid

  • Misc: sunlight, shrubs, lichens, arctic habitat card, arctic hunter card, hunter card
  • Animals: serval, coyote, kit fox, desert tortoise, tarantula, desert scorpion

  • Animals2: jackrabbit, pupfish, spadefoot toad, bee, camel spider, wolf spider

  • Birds: cactus wren, gila woodpecker, roadrunner, elf owl, burrowing owl, sandgrouse

  • Insects: (Work-in-progress) desert cricket, weevil, darkling beetle, antlion, butterfly, jewel wasp

  • Herbivores: camel, pronghorn, desert bighorn sheep, wild burro, javelina

  • Reptiles: gila monster, texas horned lizard, thorny devil, rattlesnake, sidewinder, namib lizard

  • Rodents: ground squirrel, kangaroo rat, long-eared jerboa, woodrat

  • Misc: sunlight, desert plants (2x), deserts habitat card, deserts hunter card, hunter card
  • Carnivores: lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, african hunting dog, crocodile

  • Herbivores: elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffe, antelope, zebra

  • Herbivores2: wildebeest, buffalo

  • Omnivores: jackal, warthog, baboon, ostrich

  • Misc: sunlight, grass (2x), grasslands habitat card, grasslands hunter card, hunter card

Make a physical food web
Source: Toronto Zoo
  • Apes: gorilla, orangutan, gibbon, chimpanzee

  • Monkeys: woolly monkey, howler monkey, spider monkey, squirrel monkey, saki monkey(2)

  • Monkeys2: golden lion tamarin, proboscis monkey, bald red-faced uakari, cotton-topped tamarin

  • Big Cats: jaguar, panther, tiger, ocelot

  • Birds: harpy eagle, woodpecker, toucan, jabiru stork, hummingbird, macaw

  • Birds2: blue bird of paradise, raggiana bird of paradise, hoatzin, jacamar, tityra

  • Insects: glasswing butterfly, butterfly, beetle, bee, ant (2)

  • Mammals: sloth, platypus, echidna, tapir, armadillo, tamandua

  • Mammals2: possum, coati, kinkajou, tarsier, leaf-nosed bat, binturong

  • Rodents: cabybara, coypu, agouti, flying squirrel

  • Amphibians: caecilian, tiger salamader, tree frog, poison-arrow frog, purple frog, tomato frog

  • Reptiles: alligator, anaconda, iguana, flying lizard, frilled lizard, komodo dragon

  • In the Rivers: electric eel, orange spot stingray, manatee, piranha, river dolphin,

  • Misc: sunlight, plants (2x), rainforests habitat card, rainforests hunter card, hunter card
  • Bears, Ape & Monkey: giant panda, black bear, spectacled bear, mountain gorilla, snow monkey

  • Birds: golden eagle, horned owl, andean condor, bearded helmetcrest, tinamou, snowfinch

  • Cats, Fox & Wolf: cougar (puma), snow leopard, lynx,
    culpeo, gray wolf

  • Herbivores: elk, white-tailed deer, alpine ibex, tahr, rocky mountain goat, bighorn sheep

  • Herbivores2: guanaco, vicuna, markhor, yak

  • Rodents: alpine chipmunk, chinchilla, viscacha, marmot, pika

  • Misc: sunlight, plants (2x), mountains habitat card, mountains hunter card, hunter card
  • Coming Soon!