Carnivores of the Grasslands
LION ~ Terrifying Roar
Habitat: grasslands Size: 1.4-2m head body; 67-100cm tail; 1m high; 117-250kg Adaptation: yellow-brown colour like sun-dried grass; can open its mouth wide and kill with one bite Diet: zebra, antelope, giraffe, wildebeest & buffalo Predator(s): man
LEOPARD ~ Agile Climber
Habitat: grasslands & rainforests Size: 1.3-1.9m head body; 1.1-1.4m tail; 20-80kg Adaptation: its spotted skin provides the leopard with camouflage to hide among tree branches Diet: bird, monkey, jackal & antelope Predator(s): man
CHEETAH ~ Lightning Speed
Habitat: grasslands Size: ≈ 2m long including tail; 75-90cm high; 35-65kg Adaptation: claws cannot be retracted and help maintain grip like cleats at the bottom of soccer shoes Diet: small antelope Predator(s): cubs may be killed by lions & hyenas

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HYENA ~ Laughing Cry
Habitat: grasslands Size: 1.2-1.4m high; 40-85kg Adaptation: hunt mostly at night & in a pack; mark their territories by excreting a strong-smelling yellow substance onto grass along the boundaries Diet: carrion & bones, antelope, zebra, wildebeest & cheetah cub Predator(s): lion & man
  ~ Relay Hunter

Habitat: grasslands & deserts Size: 60-76cm high; 25-32kg Adaptation: when one hunting pack is tired chasing the prey, another pack (the one behind) takes over Diet: rat, bird, antelope & warthog Predator(s): man
CROCODILE ~ Powerful Jaws
Habitat: rivers and lakes in grasslands & rainforests Size: 2-5m long; ≈ 450kg Adaptation: only their nostrils, eyes & ears can be seen above the surface when they float in water Diet: fish, birds, antelope, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, giraffe & sometimes, humans Predator(s): man