Reptiles of the Rainforests
ALLIGATOR ~ The Ambusher
Habitat: rainforests Size: 1.5-6m long Adaptation: unable to chew their food so it either swallows small animals whole or twists off pieces of larger animals & swallows those whole Diet: fish, frogs, snakes, turtles, birds, mammals & carrion Predator(s): man hunting it for sport & for its hide
ANACONDA ~ The Constrictor
Habitat: rainforests (near rivers) Size: 4-9m long; 135-250kg Adaptation: kill by wrapping its coil tightly around its prey; swallow prey whole by opening its jaws (wide enough) which are held together with stretchy ligaments Diet: birds & small mammals Predator(s): man
IGUANA aka Bamboo Chicken
Habitat: rainforests Size: ≈ 2m long; 5kg Adaptation: its digestive system contains certain bacteria that help it to digest plants (most other lizards eat insects) Diet: fruit, flowers & leaves Predator(s): man capturing & selling them as pets or eating their meat

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  aka Flying Dragon

Habitat: rainforests Size: 18-22cm long Adaptation: live in trees & glide from tree to tree to search for food or to avoid their enemies Diet: ants, termites & small insects Predator(s): snake
  ~ The Great Bluffer

Habitat: rainforests Size: 80-90cm long; 0.5kg Adaptation: defends itself by trying to frighten its predators Diet: ants, termites, spiders, small lizards & small mammals Predator(s): eagle, monitor lizard, & snake Extra: its frill may be used to help regulate body temperature
 ~ Deadly Bite

Habitat: rainforests Size: ≈ 3m long; 150kg Adaptation: its mouth carries a virulent bacteria & its bite alone can be fatal Diet: small deer, wild pigs, & even water buffaloes Predator(s): None Extra: can run up to 18 kph in short bursts