Other Mammals of the Rainforests
SLOTH ~ Upside-down Bum
Habitat: rainforests Size: 41-74cm long; ≈ 4kg Adaptation: cling to tree trunks or branches with their limbs & seldom descend to the ground because it cannot walk & must pull itself along the ground with its claws Diet: leaves, fruit & shoots Predator(s): ocelot & jaguar
  ~ Egg-laying Mammal

Habitat: rainforests (near lakes & streams) Size: 30-45cm body; 10-15cm tail; ≈ 1.4kg Adaptation: has webbed feet & can stay underwater for up to five minutes Diet: insects, worms, shellfish & shrimps Predator(s): large fish, snakes & man
ECHIDNA ~ Spikey Anteater
Habitat: rainforests Size: 35-45cm long; 2-7kg Adaptation: its long snout & extensile, glutinous tongue enable it to dig out & catch ants Diet: ants & termites Predator(s): snake, fox & man who sometimes eat them Extra: the only other mammal that reproduces by laying eggs

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TAPIR ~ Watchful Pig
Habitat: rainforests (specifically near water) Size: 2-2.5m long; 1m high; 225-363kg Adaptation: swim (if possible) to escape predators Diet: leaves, twigs, water plants & fruit Predator(s): big cats & man hunting them for their flesh & thick hides
ARMADILLO ~ Armored Pig
Habitat: rainforests, grasslands & semi-deserts Size: 15cm-1.5m long; up to 6.8kg Adaptation: roll up into a tight round ball, showing nothing but its thick, hard plates Diet: insects, earthworms, spiders, land snails, roots, fruit, & sometimes carrion Predator(s): man sometimes hunt them for their flesh
TAMANDUA ~ Sting Bomb
  aka Tree Anteater

Habitat: rainforests Size: 2-7kg Adaptation: its prehensile tail helps in climbing trees; can release an unpleasant odor from its anal gland Diet: ants, termites, beetles & insect larvae Predator(s): birds of prey & big cats