Herbivores of the Deserts
CAMEL ~ Ship of the Desert
Habitat: deserts Size: 1.5-2m high at the hump; up to 726kg Adaptation: wide, padded feet enabling it to walk easily on soft sand Diet: grass, dates, wheat & oats Predator(s): tiger & man Extra: camels move both legs on one side of the body at the same time
  ~ Second Fastest

Habitat: deserts Size: 81-104cm high; 36-68kg Adaptation: can run up to 97km per hour helping it to escape from predators Diet: leaves of herbs & low shrubs Predator(s): wolf, coyote, bobcat & eagle Extra: males have prongs sticking out from their backward curved horns
Desert Bighorn Sheep
  ~ Head Butt

Habitat: deserts Size: 55-90kg Adaptation: uses its horns to break open cacti Diet: cacti & grasses Predator(s): cougar, coyote & bobcat

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WILD BURRO ~ Back Kick
Habitat: deserts Size: 1.2m high; ≈ 160kg Adaptation: can tolerate water loss as much as 30% of their body weight & replenish it in only 5 mins drinking Diet: grasses & plants Predator(s): man hunting it for its flesh & its skin for making leather
JAVELINA ~ Charging Lance
Habitat: deserts Size: 53cm high; 15-27kg Adaptation: uses its sharp tusks to fight its enemies; looks for food in early morning and evening to avoid the desert heat Diet: cactus & roots Predator(s): jaguar