Big Cats of the Rainforests
JAGUAR ~ The Cruncher
Habitat: rainforests Size: 1.6-1.8m body; 45-75cm tail; 67-76cm high; 56-151kg Adaptation: Strong jaws and canines for piercing & crunching the skull of their prey Diet: fish, frogs, caiman, mice, tapirs, deer, capybaras & other rodents Predator(s): man hunting them for their skin Extra: worship as god by some cultures
  ~ Leopard Born Black

Habitat: rainforests Size: 30-70kg Adaptation: an agile climber & often stalk monkeys in the trees Diet: bird, monkey & deer Predator(s): man
TIGER ~ Lone Hunter
Habitat: rainforests Size: 1.3-2.7m body; ≈ 1m tail; 100-360kg Adaptation: hunts at night with its sharp vision & keen hearing Diet: deer, wild boar, monkeys, rabbits even fish & frogs Predator(s): man hunting them for their skin & body parts used in Chinese medicine & exotic recipes

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OCELOT aka Tiger Cat
Habitat: rainforests Size: 70-90cm long; 10-16kg Adaptation: its coat of stripes & spots enable it to hide among the bushes & trees Diet: fish, frogs, mice, rabbits, monkeys, lizards, snakes, birds & young deer Predator(s): man hunting them for their fur