Results of Draw
for the Free Giveaway

A total of 138 valid entries were received for the free giveaway.

Invalid entries were mainly those who had omitted their email addresses. You were really interested in the book but I have no way to communicate with you. Others simply want to give their feedback on our web site ... I want to say "Thank you."

For those who requested for a free book after receiving my email or fax ... there seems to be a miscommunication. I am NOT giving a free book to everyone who responds. I cannot afford the mailing costs! I am giving away a total of 10 books in a random draw of those who entered for the free giveaway. I am sorry for the miscommunication.

Most of the entries received were from the USA. Currently, my book is not available in your local bookstores. I am looking for a publisher who might be interested in publishing and distributing the book in North America and/or the United Kingdom. If you can help in any way, please let me know. Appreciate it. Thanks.

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Man Displaying 10 Fingers The 10 lucky recipients of our book, "Building the Next Generation" are ...
Ropati Amosa
Wellington, NZ

Georgia Glekas

Toni Sudduth

Jenn Winberry

Rev. Jonathan H. Pye
Leeds, UK

Jennifer Thomas

Mrs. Kati Izor

Dorothy Tan

Phil Clarke
Derbyshire, UK

Roxana Popescu

If any of you (mentioned above) has not received an email from me, drop me a note at

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The free giveaway is over but you are welcome to take a look at the entry form and draw details and have a laugh.

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