About Vox Proxy - Version 3  

Bring PowerPoint to life
       with 3D talking animated characters

View all 27 characters        Four optional "human" characters at extra cost

Animated characters can ...

  1. move, gesture as well as do scores of animations

  2. speak whatever you had typed earlier

    They can speak in French, German, British English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Korean or Portugese.

    AT&T Natural Voices speech engine (Optional)

    • Realistic, human-sounding voices (male and female)
    • 12 available voices including US, British and Indian English, Spanish, German and French

  3. talk with other animated characters, the audience, or to you, the presenter
"... avatars open a whole new world for presenters. If you want to keep your audience awake, take a page from Disney. Animated characters will be a hit every time."

Presentation Helper - July 23, 2005

Powerful yet easy-to-use scripting tool
that adds 3D talking animated characters to PowerPoint.

Vox Proxy is great for ...
  • training tutorials, product demo or public education programmes

  • self-narrated presentations for distribution

    You can distribute your presentations (enhanced with animated characters) and recipients can view your presentations if ...

    1. They have the FREE Vox Proxy Player installed - This Player is for use by other people so they can view your Vox Proxy presentations without having to purchase the software.

    2. You distribute your presentations in a CD created with the CD Prep option - The CD created with CD Prep has the VP Player embedded in it, so the recipient who plays the CD does not need to have the Player pre-installed.

      Vox Proxy Version 3 supports the new PowerPoint 2003 Viewer. CD Prep can be configured to bundle the 2003 viewer files on the CDs that it creates. Moreover, you can specify that the CD created with CD Prep should always play on the 2003 viewer, even if the recipient has PowerPoint. This provides a consistent presentation that does not depend on the version of PowerPoint that the recipient may have.

    "This study clearly shows the effectiveness of animated PowerPoint lessons (cloned lessons using Vox Proxy software) to 'replace' the teacher such that the time saved from content-delivery is better used to complete homework in school."

    Goodbye Chalk and Talk, Welcome Click and Learn!
    Mrs Jaya Das and Mdm Rahimah of CHIJ St Joseph Convent
  • classroom or project presentations

    "With Vox Proxy, kids learn so much than simply how to create an interesting presentation. They learn logic and programming skills as they make adorable characters do their bidding. While PowerPoint presentations help keep an audience interested, Vox Proxy characters will keep an audience riveted."

    Computing with Kids - May 18, 2002

    "In a classroom setting, Vox Proxy will WOW your students. By adding interaction, sound, animated characters etc. they will remember the lessons much longer than if presented in plain text. They will hold on to each statement, waiting to see what happens next. It is like taking a walk in a virtual adventure ... No one wants it to end."
  • interactive quizzes for self-assessment

    With creativity and PowerPoint know-how, you can create games that are interactive and competitive ... games that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your students' learning!

    A 3D talking animated character can act as the gameshow host posing questions to students. Students compete for points or "dollar" amounts individually or in teams. Vox Proxy can also keep track of the scores.
Vox Proxy is easy to use

Vox Proxy comes with excellent tutorials - "all tutorials are actually PowerPoint presentations created using Vox Proxy's in-built Microsoft Agent technology. than tutorials, they are also a showcase of ideas you can use for yourself ... Until you have seen it perform, you'll never know what you are missing."

Indezine Review - June 2002

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