Reflections on Proverbs 7

» Keep Proverbs close to you (7:1-5)
Keep Proverbs (i.e., my words, commandments, teaching) close to you

(1) treasure them like the pupil of your eye
(2) do not forget them ... bind them on your fingers, write them on your heart (c.f., 3:1-3)
(3) keep close to wisdom and understanding ... like your sister (wife?) and intimate friend

THAT they may keep you from the adulteress.

» The naive - The beginning of the slide (7:7-9)
(1) passing through the street near her corner ... accidentally or intentionally?
(2) taking the way that leads to her house ... going ... going ... "gone" case!
(3) in darkness ... not to be found out? ... this would indicate that (1) was intentional

» The wiles of the harlot (7:10-21)
dressed like a harlot ... how does a harlot dress? seductively?
cunning of heart + aggressive actions and persuasive words

(1) grabs and kisses him (7:13)
(2) let's have dinner - innocent invitation? (7:14-15)
(3) my bed is ready - invitation far exceeds that of dinner (7:16-18)
(4) my husband is not home - you wouldn't be caught (7:19-20)

» The naive - The end (7:22-27)
Suddenly he follows her as an ox to slaughter, as a bird to a snare ... "blurred" as to the consequences ... not knowing that it will cost him his life till it's too late ... until an arrow pierces through his liver (7:22-23)

Probable consequences:

(a) losing one's life to the angry husband (5:9b)

(b) contacting sexually-transmitted diseases (5:11b) ... don't be naive; if she can do it with you then she could have done it with other men and you don't know what they got!

(c) losing one's wealth to appease the aggrieved husband (5:10b)

(d) emotional anguish and regret (5:12)

So ... (1) guard your heart (7:25a) ... which the naive young man did not when in the darkness he passed through the street near the adulteress' corner (7:8a) ... the intent was already there :(

(2) stay away physically (7:25b) ... which the naive did not when he took the path that leads to her house (7:8b)

(3) know the consequences (7:26-27) ... which the naive did not consider (7:23b)

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