Reflections on Proverbs 8

» Wisdom calls out to you (8:1-11)
Does not wisdom call? A rhetorical question to which no answer is expected ... yes, wisdom calls ... in fact, it calls out from everywhere.

Wisdom is located at places where there is high traffic flow ... @ where paths meet, besides the city gates, @ entrances (8:2-3)

Wisdom calls out to one and all ... to the sons of men, to the naive, to the fool (8:4-5)

In other words, wisdom is available to anyone who wants it (c.f., 8:17 and Jas 1:5). Do you want it?

Wisdom speaks noble things, right things, righteous things, straightforward things ... not wickedness, nothing crooked or perverted (8:6-9) » therefore, choose wisdom! » wisdom is better; nothing comes close (8:10-11)

» Kings and princes need it (8:12-21)
With wisdom comes prudence, knowledge and discretion (8:12) ... Wow! A package deal

It is by wisdom that kings and princes rule, decree justice and judge rightly (8:15-16).

Results of wisdom: wealth (8:21) and righteousness (8:20).

» God involved wisdom in His creative work (8:22-31)
Wisdom was there before creation (8:22-26); wisdom was there at creation as a master craftsman (8:27-30a) ... producing works of joy ... the world, the earth and man (8:30b-31).

Wisdom ≡ Christ (c.f., Col 1:16,2:3)?? However, on second thought, 8:22-31 cannot be interpreted as a description of Christ because wisdom was brought forth ... born (8:25b).

» Go get it (8:32-36)
Kings and princes rule with wisdom; God created all things with wisdom ... "Now therefore" (8:32), you (the man in the street) better get it! ... Result - finding life and favour from the LORD (8:35 c.f., 3:1-4).

If you miss it then you hurt yourself; if you don't want it (hate it) then you love death! (8:36)

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