A Chronology of the Life of Christ

A Harmony of the Four Gospels with Mind Maps

This study is an attempt to follow the footsteps of Jesus as He moved from one phase of His ministry to the next and finally to His death, resurrection and ascension. The outcome is a sequential order of events in the life of Jesus. The chronology is drawn from all four gospels. This sequence of events and their locations are presented in a tabular chart with Scripture references. The chronological order of events is also presented visually in the form of mind maps.

Hopefully, these outline presentations of the life of Christ in chronological order will serve as a launching pad for your personal study.

How to Read Individual Stories
"When trying to identify theological principles in individual stories we must ask the standard narrative questions, pay attention to the author's own interpretive instructions, note what is repeated, and concentrate on direct discourse within the story."

How to Read a Series of Stories
"Look for common themes or patterns. Search for logical connections like cause and effect. Pay attention to how episodes are joined together (e.g., transition statements or conjunctions). Notice how the stories differ at key points. Compare the characters, paying close attention to Jesus, the main character of the Gospels. Focus on his identity, his mission, his teaching, and responses to him. Seeing connections used by the author will help you discern the intended message."

Grasping God's Word
by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays

A snapshot of the chronology of the Life of Jesus Christ - time and place

1A.         Birth and Early Years of Jesus in Bethlehem and Nazareth

1B.         Beginning Ministry in GALILEE, JUDEA and SAMARIA
❯   1st Passover and cleansing of the Temple (John 2:13)

2.             Extended Ministry in GALILEE ... Popularity [ #Tour 1 with the Four ]

3a.       Sabbath-breaking ... healing lame man at the pool of Bethesda
❯   2nd Passover in Jerusalem thereafter in Galilee (John 5:1)
  [ #Tour 2 with the Twelve ]

4b.       Increasing Opposition ... still in Galilee [ First Group of Parables ]  +  [ #Tour 3: The Twelve sent forth in pairs ]

5c.       Feeding of more than 5,000
❯   3rd Passover in Galilee (John 6:4; 7:1)

6.             Ministry beyond Galilee and Back ... PHOENICIA, DECAPOLIS and Caesarea Philippi in ITRURAEA

7.         FEAST OF TABERNACLES Jerusalem

8.             Later Ministry in JUDEA ... [ #Tour 4: The Seventy sent forth in pairs ]  +  [ More Parables ]

9.         FEAST OF DEDICATION Jerusalem

10.        Withdrawal to PEREA and Ephraim and Back to JERUSALEM ... [ More Parables ]

11.        Passion Week (A)   (Sun to Tue) ... argument with the Jewish teachers and leaders + [ Second Group of Parables ]

12.        Passion Week (B)   (Wed to 4th Passover)
❯   4th Passover ... time with disciples (John 13:1)

13.        Arrest and Trials

14.        Crucifixion and Burial

15.        Resurrection, Appearances and Ascension



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